Part 1: The Grand Opening Scene Edit

(Shows Sanjay I. Productions Logo)

Text: Sanjay I. Productions Presents

(Shows The Titles Sequence)

Text: Best Pals Mario Time: The Movie

(Fades To The Characters, Zooms Closely To Mario)

Text: Ryan Reynolds As Mario

(Right Transition To Princess Peach)

Text: Jennifer Tilly As Princess Peach)

(Down To Bowser)

Text: Edward Norton As Bowser

(Right Transition To Larry)

Text: Mike Myers As Larry

(Up To 1UP & Shira)

Text: Charlyne Yi As 1UP, Lucy Liu As Shira The Red Mushroom

(Down To Luigi & Princess Daisy)

Text: Keith Ferguson As Luigi, Jodie Foster As Princess Daisy

(Transition To Blue Yoshi)

Text: Jack Black As Blue Yoshi

(Transition To Toad & Lemmy)

Text: Johnny Depp As Toad & Lemmy

(Transition To Red Yoshi & Toni)

Text: Steve Blum As Red Yoshi, Grey DeLislie As Toni

(Transition To Purple Colored Spot Toad)

Text: Steve Buscemi As Purple Colored Spot Toad

(Down & Right Transition To Wendy)

Text: Jennifer Hale As Wendy

(Zooms & Fades Out Of The Characters)

(Fades To Mount Tarcoola)

Narrator: It All Began, Just The Houses Of The Mushroom Kingdom, It’s A Kind Of Friendly Neighbourhood, There Are A Lot Of Type Of Species, Of, Toys, They Call It Plush Toys, There Such Wonderful Toys, There Also Friendly

(Fades To The Shopping Centre)

Narrator: And, They Just Like To Have Fun

(Fades To Mario’s Mouse)

Narrator: And The Closest To The Extremely First Movie, Is The Leader, Mario, A Ever Brave Handsome An Kindful Gentlemen, Plush Toys Are Playful And Like A Family And Family Stick Up Like A Team And Being Played, That Kind Of House Over Here Is They Used To Live, They Could Get Afraid, Cause They WantEd A New One At The Kind, And The Only Reason Are Mario Is They Considered Leader, Of Courage, Cause His Mother Has Passed Away

(Shows The Inside Of Mario’s House)

Narrator: Inside Is They Where Like To Play Around, Cause Little Did They Know, That Plush Toys, Are Gonna Have Their Really First Adventure, Of Their Lives

(Zooms To The Living Room)

more coming soon...

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