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Opening Credits[]


Jamie H. Productions

Best Pals Mario Time:
The Movie

Ryan Reynolds
as Mario

Jennifer Tilly
as Princess Peach

Edward Norton
as Bowser

Mike Myers
as Larry

Charlyne Yi
as 1UP
Lucy Liu
as Shira The Red Mushroom

Keith Ferguson
as Luigi
Jodie Foster
as Princess Daisy

Jack Black
as Blue Yoshi

Johnny Depp
as Toad & Lemmy

Steve Blum
as Red Yoshi
Grey DeLislie
as Toni (female, non-mario character)

Steve Buscemi
as Purple Colored Spot Toad

And Jennifer Hale
as Wendy

Closing Credits[]

First Part of the Credits[]

Directed by
Sanjay Ivorian

Produced by
Frans Vicher
Genndy Tartakovski
Chris Wedge

Executive Producer
Kirk DeMicco

more coming soon for the first part

Fading Part Of The Credits[]

Cast (we done it already)[]

Mario Ryan Reynolds
Princess Peach Jennifer Tilly
Bowser Edward Norton
Larry Mike Myers
1UP Charlyne Yi
Shira Lucy Liu
Luigi Keith Ferguson
Princess Daisy Jodie Foster
Blue Yoshi Jack Black
Toad & Lemmy Johnny Depp
Red Yoshi Steve Blum
Toni Grey DeLislie
Purple Colored Spot Toad Steve Buscemi
Wendy Jennifer Hale
Pej Frank Welker
Narrator Bob Hoskins
Yoshi’s Dad David Cross

Additional Voices

Jim Cummings Alan Cumming
Joe Ksander Kevin R. Adams
Jess Harnell Fred Tatasciore
Richard Steven Horvitz Jeff Fischer
André Sogliuzzo Pat Fraley
Scott Jonathon Miller Sanjay Ivorian
Micheal Clarke Duncan Paul Newman
Jason Siegel James Marsden
Kath Soucie Robert De Niro
Bill Farmer Justin Shenkarow
Teresa Ganzel Sherry Lynn
Nika Futterman Michael Beattie
Cathy Cavadini Philip Proctor
Maurice LaMarche Roger L. Jackson
J. Grant Albrecht Susan Blu
Cree Summer Jess Harnell
Danny Mann Phil LaMarr
John Kassir Jack Angel

Production Services Provided By Sanjay I. Productions

Co-Producer Jimmy Watson
Associate Producers Kennedy Hayward
Jane Cummings
Kora Hung
Set Decorators Sanjay Ivorian
James Chung
Kennedy Worthy
Mark Boucher
Paul Boucher

more coming soon!